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Why You Don’t Need Dollar Shave Club

Like a lot of people, I watched startup Dollar Shave Club’s marketing video and was sold. The video was great, but so was the concept— why pay hundreds of dollars a year on pricey blades and bell and whistle razors from the likes of Gillette, when you can pay $1.00-$9.00 per month and get great blades of equal quality delivered to your door?

Well, that’s where the great idea ends, and a customer service nightmare began. After placing an order in mid-April, six weeks went by without any blades. Customer service emails were not answered promptly, and when they were, the answers were ambiguous and not order-specific— “A shipment is going out this week. Be on the lookout!” With answers like that, you can imagine a fairly short life for DSC.

In the midst of waiting for my blades and contemplating a summer protest beard, I did some research and discovered through this Lifehacker post by Adam Pash something pretty incredible and ironic: Dollar Shave Clubs does not manufacture their own blades. They’re made by a company named Dorco. And guess what, you can buy straight from their website. And guess what else? THEY’RE THE SAME FUCKING BLADES.

If you spend at least $25, shipping is free. I placed an order less than a week ago, and I got a package today. This is what my $25 dollars bought me:

As you can see, this is about a year’s worth of blades for around $25. Keep in mind also that these are the higher-end blades, as the middle tier was sold out.

That all said, you’re probably wondering if the blades are any good. Well, to borrow a phrase from a company that probably won’t be around in six months. No, the blades aren’t good. They’re fucking great.

Have a great idea? Make sure your customer service is so good that nobody will care that there’s a cheaper, better alternative.